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      The Clockwork man shifted his head very slightly, and one eye screwed slowly round.Allingham did so. Just on the edge of the lining there was an oblong-shaped tab, with small gold lettering:

      The letters were read and reread, and their perusal and the preparation of answers consumed all the time of the stay in Shanghai. The delay, however, was only for a couple of days, as the weekly steamer for Hong-kong departed at the end of that time, and our friends were among her passengers. Another of the ship's company was our old friend "the Mystery," who told Doctor Bronson that he had been travelling in the interior of Japan, and had only recently arrived from there. He was going to Canton, and possibly farther, but could not speak with certainty until he had arranged some business at Hong-kong."Sayonara!" said Frank, raising his cap and bowing towards the receding land.

      The Federal's pistol slid into its holster and his sabre flashed out. He threw its curved point up in a splendid salute. Ferry saluted with his straight blade. Then both swords rang back into their scabbards, and Jewett whirled away toward his column. For a moment we lingered, then faced to the left, trotted, galloped. Over the fence and into the road went he--went I. Down it, as we crossed, the blue column was just moving again. Then the woods on the south swallowed us up.

      On no account must any adjustment be made before the red light has appeared. Any attempt to cause function on an empty stomach will result in failure.

      He drew a long breath, murmured "My God!" and then suddenly asked "You found him so, or--?"

      "For our sick soldiers!"


      "Of course I do, and Ned Ferry does; don't you?"


      "Only tell me," Hetty exclaimed. "Poor woman! What is the address?"