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      The man merely made a gesture with his hands. Then followed a sign, by which Bruce knew that he was speaking to a dumb man, a startling affliction for a smart chauffeur.CHAPTER IX. THE MISSING NOTES.

      There was a long, long silence, a silence that could be felt.

      No excitementnow, I wonder

      The driver was clad in goggles and leather coat, thereby proclaiming the fact that he was used to a high rate of speed. He placed a note in Bruce's hand; there was an interrogative gleam in his eyes.

      The Countess bowed; not for an instant did she change colour.But neither when he left the darkling womb,


      He paused as he saw Leona listening eagerly, not to himself, but to something outside. She was acting perfectly. There was just a suggestion of alarm in her manner that gave the situation.


      "The vengeance comes closer," said Prout; "it is closer than you imagine. And I fancy that your evidence will hang the murderer."But from my personal knowledge and the evidence referred to, I am able to establish the following facts in connection with the events that preceded and followed the destruction of Louvain.