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      The Penman took alarm immediately.

      When Esmeralda went through the troublous period of teething the whole camp was subdued by anxiety; and when, later on, she was attacked by measles, the diggers went about with gloomy and desponding countenances, and the doctor at once rose to the position of the most important man in the camp. They hovered about the hut in twos and threes, walking on tiptoe, and making their inquiries in hushed voices; no one was allowed to fire a revolver or sing or shout within hearing of the child during her illness, and when she recovered, the joy and relief of the camp were demonstrated by a gala night at the Eldorado, of which men speak with solemn enthusiasm to this day.

      I knowI know, said Norman, hastily and shyly. And youre going to be married to-morrow? I long to see her.

      Cant say, replied Bill. I calkilate they wouldnt take more than they could help; the fewer the better in jobs o this kind, you see.

      She knew that prayers and protestations would be of no avail, and said no more.I have heardsomething, he responded.

      Thank you, said Esmeralda, with a flash of her eyes and a sudden blush.


      No; but I think they will last longer for you than they do for most of us. But you must remember that I am an old man moralizing to a young girl.How would Esmeralda receive it? It would seem like a stroke from Heaven to punish her.


      Then allow me to inform you that you are no friend of mine, Lord Druce! said Varley, with a tightening of his lips; and I should advise you to go back to England.She glanced from side to side, and then up at the moon, as if undecided. He watched her maidenly calm face with unconcealed eagerness.


      I dont think much of this for a view, she said.