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      "Dear," slowly said Anna, "I don't believe it was his. It would not have been in gold. Some men of the battery were here last evening--You know the Abolition schoolmistress who was sent North that day?"

      No, I am not frightened, said Esmeralda, simply.

      Two? she said, with surprise. Oh, I see; you mean myself? Yes; somehow I do feel happy. I should have been miserable thinking of that womans pale faceand the children, too.

      Where is your wedding-ring? he asked, as quietly as before.

      Oh! Shirley is a little further on, said Trafford. Lady Wyndover looked up from the fire at which she was toasting her toes.


      [164]Lord Selvaine pushed the decanter across.



      Post in, Varley, eh? he remarked in a low and insinuating voice. Anything interestin?