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      She was very silent as they walked home, where she was received with a tremendous fuss by everybody and made to change her things immediately.

      Not for a moment did he forget that she was Traffs wife. He tried to efface the memory of his love, the night by the silver stream below the camp; but she would always be Esmeralda to him, the girl he had loved, the woman for whom he would at any moment gladly lay down his life.Trafford went out into the darkness, feeling like a man who had been smitten by a mortal illness. His brain was in a[192] whirl; the whole thing seemed like a hideous nightmare. He did not ask himself how Esmeralda had discovered the truth; it never occurred to him that she might have overheard Lady Adas wild words; he thought that, perhaps, some fool of a woman had been talking to her, and opening her eyes.

      Norman took a turn up and down the room, then confronted her.

      The silent man let his smile mean yes, and the alert company applauded. "Go h-on with the weddingg!" ordered the superior Mandeville.

      Trafford and Esmeralda are coming home, my dear, he said, composedly.


      He had been sitting motionless so long that it was not[313] likely the new-comer would be aware of his presence. As he leaned against the saddle, he wondered who this sharer of his solitude could be. The thud, thud came nearer, and presently, in the clear evening air, Trafford saw emerging from behind a clump of trees the horse and rider. He did not move a musclenot even when he saw that the rider was a woman.


      Barker looked rather shocked, as if Esmeralda had been guilty of profanity.