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      Lord Trafford bowed to Esmeralda.

      All right, he said. Any news? Whats been going on at the camp? By the way, I see that youve got a stranger;[40] I met a young fellow limping along the roada good-looking young fellow. Who is he?

      Esmeralda, he said, I want you to do, to go wherever you please. Whatever you do will seem right in my eyes. If this idea of the drive doesnt suit you, you will say so, will you not?

      Trafford again glanced at his uncle, and again Lord Selvaine refused to respond, but continued to gaze blandly at the fire. The duke leaned back, and resumed, moving his white hand to and fro.Lord Selvaine fell back, and regarded his nephew with half-closed lids.

      They started for Belfayre on Thursday, and when they reached Waterloo, they found Lord Trafford waiting for them.

      There was a moments silence, Varley breathing hard and looking just above Traffords head. The blood was beginning to burn in his veins as Esmeraldas wrongs rose before him. This man standing there was the man who had deceived her and wrecked the childs life.


      Trafford smiled at the jest, and looked after the carriage thoughtfully.I love you! I love you! she said.



      So different? he echoed, invitingly. Something of the charm of her freshness attracted him, as it attracted all who came in contact with her. He looked at her more attentively, and began to realize how beautiful she was, and how girlish and unsophisticated. He did not read the society papers, and had heard nothing, knew nothing about her, beyond the knowledge which Lord Selvaines introductory words conveyed.